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Guitar Players' Live Journal

Pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday, we don't get fooled again!

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Welcome to The Guitar Players' Live Journal

I just created this community for guitar players everywhere, rock 'n roll, blues, jazz and so on...
Most of the communities have rules and "applications" for you to join, but here there are no rules except to talk about guitar, being a guitar player, music, and other instruments sometimes too. There is no application or anything, when you join, make sure you say who you are and what your music interrests are and you're free to talk about whatever music stuff you want.
The community has skyrocketed as over 30 people have joined up. Thanks to all for joining and making it happen and we welcome more members!

What's the first thing I should post?
Like I said, there is no application or anything, but do post about yourself telling us your music interrests and other info if you wish (How long you've been playing, what equipment you use, and so on...)

How do I join?
At the top of this screen, it should be anyway, is just below the title of "community info": "To join this community, click here." If for some strange reason, you can't see it, just click here for a shortcut.

Who is in charge?
jt_blues is the creator of this community. When he left the community was transferred to the unkind but skilled hands of petitealchemist.

Any rules?
No, not really. JT didn't like rules. Neither they are to my liking so just don't be an asshole or you'll be asked to leave.

Can I talk about other things than guitars?
This is primarily a guitar community, but it's also a musicians community. You should have a majority of posts related to guitar playing or guitar players, but you can talk about music in general every now and then if you wish or other stuff (Upcoming events, new albums, etc.) If you want to talk about bass playing, that's cool too. Please no talking about politics in this community!
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